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Part 1: Could the AAF be the Answer to Paying College Football Players?

The Alliance of American Football has had a pretty good first season so far. Could the AAF be the answer to the problem of whether or not college football players should be paid? We do a two part in-depth discussion on the hurdles, the positives and negatives, and some possible solutions.

Analysis: Jalen Hurts Transfer to Oklahoma | What to Expect in Lincoln Riley's System

Jalen Hurts is headed to Oklahoma. We do an in-depth breakdown of his tenure at Alabama, his strengths, weaknesses, and how he improved over the last year. We also discuss how Lincoln Riley might adapt his system to tailor it to what Jalen does best.

What happened?? Alabama vs Clemson - National Championship Playoff Game Review 2019

We eat a little crow and do a deep statistical dive on the Alabama vs Clemson 2019 national championship game. Trevor Lawrence, Tee Higgins, and Justyn Ross stepped up, Alabama defense did not. We look at 1st, 2nd, and 3rd down success as well as discuss how coaching impacted the game.

2018-19 Clemson vs Alabama College Football National Championship

How can people be bored with another clash featuring Clemson and Alabama? Tua Tagovailoa was unstoppable vs Oklahoma, and Trevor Lawrence bombed Notre Dame over the top with Tee Higgins and Justyn Ross. Will Alabama's defense hold up if Christian Miller can't play? Will the Clemson run defense suffer in Dexter Lawrence's absence? We talk about it.


NFLU Database 2018 Final Unit Rankings by College

NFLU? DBU? RBU? These are the college programs who can lay claim to these titles

Washington vs Ohio State - 2019 Rose Bowl Preview & Predictions

Ohio State comes into this game as a favorite, but can Dwayne Haskins and this OSU offensive attack bully another good defense like the one in UW? Will Jake Browning and Myles Gaskin find enough footing to put up enough points vs Ohio State? We talk about it.