We Grade First Time Starters Cade Klubnik, Jalen Milroe, Drew Allar, Carson Beck, and Kyle McCord

Let's talk QBs from the opening weekend of football, some performed better than others, but we need to remember they didn't all face equal competition

Drew Allar - A-

Allar looked every bit the part of his recruiting hyped profile. While he flashed at times through limited reps behind Sean Clifford in 2022, there were some questions of how he would do as "the guy."

It's pretty safe to say he answered those questions and more. There's room to grow in terms of reads and really pushing the ball vertically, but the arm talent, awareness, and pocket presence were all there

Kyle McCord - B-

Those who think the B is generous need to go back and watch the tape. There's concern to be had for this Ohio State offense, but it should be aimed at the offensive line. Many times OSU had to go to max protect to prevent breakdowns and it left only two viable passing targets on the field. McCord flashed the arm talent and did eventually settle down. They need to get him more quick/easy throws to get into a groove, and let him stress teams over the top. But the OLine has to get the run game going for the pass to open up

Cade Klubnik - C-

Cade had a rough outing vs Duke. People might roll their eyes at the opponent, but Mike Elko has this Duke defense playing sound, fundamental football. Cade was slow with his reads, was really inaccurate early on, and didn't handle pocket breakdowns particularly well. He showed wheels on the fumble and is a talented athlete. But he's got to find some accuracy and slow the game down in his mind. Experience might help, but there's cause for concern at Clemson

Jalen Milroe - B+

The B+ is a hedge, based on what Alabama didn't show. Incomplete is probably a better grade. The Alabama staff forced Milroe to play with one proverbial arm tied behind his back for much of the game. Only two designed runs, and they didn't punish an aggressive blitz with deep shots until late in the game. Most encouraging was Milroe's deep ball accuracy that previously had been lacking. The intermediate game has to show up if Bama hopes to have an efficient offense - something they lacked in recent years

Carson Beck - B-

Beck showed he can run, and showed decent command of the offense. It's hard to judge him entirely because the opponent was weak, he was missing WRs, and the gameplan was pure vanilla ice cream. Beck has a good arm and didn't make too many mistakes. But his 9.4 YPA was built largely on short throws that broke big and running everything through Bowers. Need to open 'er up next week

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