Expanded playoffs don't increase parity, BCS vs CFP TV ratings, and a wild bonus stat


Did you know there were more unique teams in the final 9 BCS championship games than the first 9 College Football Playoff Championship games? Read the article for more

😂Marco Wilson Doubles Down on Shoegate

Not only would he throw it again, he’d throw it harder.

🧠 Interesting Numbers: BCS vs Playoff Era TV Ratings

These are the average TV views (in millions) for the final 9 seasons of the BCS vs the first 9 seasons of the College Football Playoffs

👀Field View Of The Best Entrance In College Football

There’s a lot of great entrances and stadium experiences in college football. But the crown belongs to Blacksburg, VA where the Hokies come out to Enter Sandman.

You may have already seen a video, but this one is from field level, and it’s amazing.

Reddit Thread and Podcast On the Death of Maryland Football Player Jordan McNair

This is a good thread with a very solid summary of the article that breaks down the institutional failures of Maryland allegedly contributing to the death of Jordan McNair.

The source material is from the “Well There’s Your Problem” podcast and it’s over an hour long. But the Reddit thread does a good job summarizing.

Disclaimer: we don’t endorse as the final say on the matter and you should do your own research to draw any final conclusions.

Mike Gundy on Bedlam Given OU’s Departure to the SEC

🧠Bonus Stat: Sean Mannion Runs Wild

When you make it to the end of the email, you get a bonus stat. Today’s is a good one!

Sean Mannion finished his career at Oregon State in 2014 as the PAC12 career leader in passing yards with 13,600.

He also holds the dubious title of most career NEGATIVE rushing yards with -804. He averaged a loss of 6.1 yards ever time he ran. The key is that sack yardage is included in college.

However, his professional career proved he’s not light on his feet. He has -3 career rushing yards on 25 actual rushing attempts in the NFL.