Numbers Behind Generational Talent, Northwestern Hazing Case, and The Worst Plays of 2022

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🤨What Makes a “Generational Talent” and Why Trevor Lawrence Might Not Be One

We break down the numbers and concepts behind generational talents, why it’s probably overused, and why Trevor Lawrence’s numbers might suggest he isn’t one.

🤡The Top 25 Worst Plays of the 2022 College Football Season

🧠Crazy stat from the 2001-02 National Championship game

Krenzel led all rushers and that Miami RB room featured:

  • Willis McGahee
  • Frank Gore
  • Najeh Davenport
  • Clinton Portis

👀Interesting Twist on Highest-Paid College Football Coaches

Best Colleges did a great piece here on the top 5 highest paid coaches because they put it in context with each school’s revenue.

If you want to view the full list of coaching salaries, you can find it at USA Today

😤Incredible Motivational Speech from Inky Johnson

Inky was a great cornerback for the University of Tennessee. He overcame tremendous odds in his youth to even make it there. Refusing to give up after his right arm was left paralyzed from a football injury, Inky became one of the nation’s top motivational speakers.

This speech is outstanding.

Northwestern Hazing Details Emerge, Players Refute Allegations

The Daily Northwestern released a story on the allegations of hazing and sexual harassment within the Northwestern football program. The initial investigation has led to a 2-week suspension of head coach Pat Fitzgerald, with potentially more serious measures to come.

Here’s the Daily Northwestern story.

Here’s the story from NBC on the players pushing back on the allegations in the paper: