ESPN is making their own downfall worse, Jordan Travis film breakdown, interesting numbers

ESPN's recent layoffs signal more trouble, but what they're doing is making things worse. Josh Pate skewers the AJC. And an interesting stat.

ESPN’s Dire Situation (and How the Response is Making it Worse)

We discuss the four major issues that led to ESPN’s current state, how they have been slow to react to the world around them, and what they should be doing.

💪Josh Pate Skewers the AJC and People Who Aren’t Doing Their Homework

🤓 QB School Jordan Travis Film Breakdown

QB School is an excellent resource for player film review. JT O’Sullivan often shows all-22 breakdowns and is always willing to balance the good with the areas for improvement.

🧠Interesting Numbers: CEO Head Coaches vs Play Caller Head Coaches

Only one play calling head coach has won a national title in the last 20 years, and it was a decade ago.

He's since relinquished play-calling duties because his offense was so inexcusably terrible.

Big 12 and AAC Conference Realignment Details

CBS does a great job here highlighting all the moves and giving some background on the teams

👀A Sports Gets a Big Court Win on its Path to Releasing NCAA 24