Alabama Might Beat Texas A&M But The Aggies Should be the Favorite

Even when they lost the game, it felt like Texas A&M has had Alabama's number. This year, it's weird to me that Texas A&M isn't the favorite given these two teams' strengths and weaknesses.

Don't Look at the rankings, look at the matchups

Texas A&M's run defense has been dominant. Their pass rush even more so. Alabama can run the ball well, but in the Jalen Milroe era, has really struggled in the passing game.

It's important to look beyond Milroe's passing efficiency numbers. If you looked at his QBR from Mississippi State, and didn't watch the game, you'd think he had a whale of a day. While he did make some good throws, and had a couple of huge runs, he was largely inefficient in consistently leading drives down the field. Fumbled snaps and multiple unnecessary sacks led to an uneven offensive performance.

This sack exemplifies the problem with the current Alabama offense: good protection, but Milroe's processing and pocket awareness just isn't there. He leaves clean protection and walks into a sack.

A&M defensive weakness: pass

A&M defensive strength: pass rush & rush

Bama's offensive weakness: pass, especially when facing an aggressive pass rush

Bama's offensive strength: rushing and using a larger, slower offensive line to give time for the deep ball

A&M Still Has To Score

This is going to be a low-scoring game, without a doubt. Alabama might have the best defense in the country. A&M is starting a backup QB vs a great Alabama defense, however, has worked well for them in the past.

It's a coin-flip game, but the home field and the matchup mismatch tells me Alabama is probably in trouble, but in the least should be the underdog.

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