Welcome to College Football Nerds - Analytic Driven College Football Discussion

Not just a re-branding, we're getting nerdier with college football than ever before

A new beginning, but the same ol' nerds

College Football Nerds was born from a humble corner of YouTube where Josh and Daniel, massive nerds and even bigger college football fans, wanted to discuss games and bring some strong analytics into the equation.

After three years, our platform started gaining interest outside of the southeast, but lots of our viewers felt the SEC focus to be a bit limiting. Many found us to be incredibly objective, but our SEC focus scared them away initially.

Still Southern, But With A National Reach

We'll still focus on a lot of SEC football, but also branch out nationally wherever there's a big game. And we'll still bring objective data to the mix, not regional bias and flame wars.

We'll be increasing our offseason coverage, bringing on more guests, and expanding our reach of contributors to beyond simply Josh and Daniel.

NFLU Database

Additionally, we've brought Daniel's NFLU NFL data library into the fold to put everything under one roof. Here's what the NFLU Database is:

  • An NFL stats catalog searchable by college team (e.g. "Alabama")
  • A running total with a points-based formula for crowning universities as position group champions - fans are always saying their school is "RBU" or "DBU" and now we have the data for them to prove it

Bringing Data To The College Football Discussion

What you get from us is brutally honest analysis of big games across the country, a proven computer model for predictions, and absolutely no flame or trash talk. If we say something bad about your team, they earned it, and we'll back it up with data.

If you have any questions, please email us at info@collegefootballnerds.com